Building Tuning

Just as we give our cars regular tune-ups, we also need to do the same for our buildings. This extends beyond standard maintenance and reactive repairs into pro-active monitoring and management of operations and building performance.

A complete tuning process can assist in finding problems early, trouble-shooting and improving a building’s energy efficiency, the quality of the internal environment and user satisfaction. Often faults or errors in operation can go undetected, and a simple change can result in significant improvements. In projects we have worked on previously simple changes to BMS programming have resulted in reductions in energy consumption and also reduced tenant complaints.

Building Fine Tuning & 1yr/2yr Performance Analysis

Rather than commissioning a building only at the time of completion, which could be any time of the year, we can manage a commissioning process which examines systems during the height of summer and depths of winter – more appropriate conditions for testing cooling and heating systems.

Independent Continuous Commissioning Agent

A continuous commissioning process for a building monitors performance over time against correct operation and benchmarks. We can act as an independent consultant from maintenance contractors and system suppliers. When managing these organisations and projects we are eligible for EECA funding, based on energy savings achieved by the building over time.