Soft Landings

We offer a best-practice framework for building handover – called Soft Landings – which begins well inside the design process, involving future Facilities Management staff and continues through the first year of operation. This approach communicates the design intent to the contractor, right through to building users, and monitors building performance to pre-empt any problems that may arise.

Following the first year of operation we can carry out Post Occupancy Evaluations (POE). This surveys building user’s opinions of their environment or workplace which forms a vital feedback loop. We use the standard Building Use Studies format which allows your building to be compared with others of its type.

Independent Commissioning Agent

The commissioning of a building normally requires careful management. As an independent commissioning agent we work with, but separate to, the design team and the contractor to ensure the building’s systems are functioning as designed and intended. This role also typically includes the on-going monitoring of the building for the first 12 or 24 months of its life to test it in all four seasons.


Over a building’s life some problems are inevitable.  We are able to carry out investigations of building performance to identify problems and arrive at cost-effective, innovative solutions.