What we do

Our True Green approach contains a comprehensive and integrated range of design-led and results-driven services that touch all points of a built environment’s lifecycle.


The design of buildings and urban environments impacts environmental performance before a spade even breaks ground. Our integrated design processes reduce building running costs, improve internal environments and result in higher occupant satisfaction. Our masterplanning and urban design studies investigate application of sustainable design principles and infrastructure in larger developments and towns.


To ensure the promise of design is brought from the drawing board into the real world we apply performance tools during design and handover. These inform design processes, benchmark the finished design and ensure the building operates as expected. This gives the design team and client confidence it will meet its requirements on day one, and then well into its life.

Lifetime care

Cutting the ribbon on a building is often seen as the end of a project, but in some ways it’s just the beginning. Efficient, comfortable and healthy internal environments require proper operation and maintenance. We offer services that assist with handover, tracking operational performance and setting strategies for refurbishment or system replacement. We also have experience in services upgrades for seismic strengthening.